Our Solutions

The technology is essential for all types of business. Our work aims to cover different knowledge fields providing personalized computing solutions.
Systems and Mobile Apps

Through good practices of software engineering we have develope computer management systems, Web and mobile applications, customized according client business rules and process.


  • Software Specification and Modeling

  • Management Systems Development

  • Web Systems

  • Mobile Apps

  • Geographic Information Systems

On-Demand Consulting

Besides the computational systems development, we received demands for technology projects and new business models.


  • Projects Feasibility Mapping

  • Technical and Technologic Mapping

  • Business Models

  • Innovative Thechological Projects


Research and Development


We have been using Information Technology (IT) in: (i) Research Projects; (ii) development and (iii) innovation, providing solutions to support decision making in different areas.


  • Exploratory Data Analysis

  • Data Mining

  • Artificial Intellligence

  • Expert Systems

  • Classification and Forecasting Models

  • Big Data